Nexodyn® is a modern, effective and safe antimicrobial agent.

Nexodyn® is produced using the patented Tehclo technology, which allows the production of a chlorine-based solution, with a specific composition and concentration, obtained by a patented electrolysis process. The specific properties of the active oxidizing solution Nexodyn® are the most suitable solution for starting the process of complex natural healing and complete wound healing.


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Nexodyn® - New possibilities in the care of difficult to heal wounds

Nexodyn® has 3 specific properties:
  • high degree of purity (free chlorine, of which more than 95% is HClO)
  • low pH (2.5 – 3.0)
  • high redox potential (> 1100 mV)

Nexodyn® even promotes healing in all phases (from the infection elimination phase, through the granulation to the epithelialization phase).

The product is certified in the EU as a medical device III. classes.

  • Diabetic ulcers on the legs
  • Pressure ulcers / bedsores
  • Ulcers on the lower limbs
  • Ulcers caused by damage to blood vessels
  • Postoperative wounds
  • Infections caused by the use of an insulin pump and catheters
  • Burns and other lesions
  • Removes
  • Rinses
  • It moisturizes
  • It supports the healing of chronic and acute wounds

In addition to severe functional impairment, almost 1 in 3 patients experience depressive symptoms or anxiety due to:

  • Pain
  • Odor
  • Mobility losses
  • Recurrences

Non-healing wounds have a serious negative impact on quality of life.

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The application is quick and easy,

thanks to which you can continue the application even at home

Combinations of other products are not required to accelerate healing.

If required, Nexodyn® can be combined with other procedures according to recommended clinical practice.

No reaction or reduction in efficacy occurs if an exposure time of 2 minutes is observed.